Red Guide To Recovery Helps Disaster Victims

San DIego County helps disaster victims through the recovery process.

A disaster can strike at any time. If it does, would you know what to do?  

The County of San Diego unveiled the "Red Guide to Recovery" Thursday.  It takes disaster victims step-by-step through the recovery process, relocation, financial aid, and grief counseling.

It also helps you deal with smoke and water damage, as well as the recovery of valuables.  A victim of the 2007 firestorm wishes there'd been a Red Guide when he lost his home. "You're vulnerable to people coming at you trying to solicit money. Hey we'll help you with this, give us some money up front," said Daniel Lamborn.

"You're vulnerable to that type of situation.. And, this book helps you, leads you to people that are trustworthy and honest to help prevent that type of scamming from going on."  

The Red Guide will be available free to disaster victims. It's a collaboration between the County Fire Chiefs' Association, the County Office of Emergency Services and the American Red Cross.

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