Pyles’ January Picks

Tim Pyles gives January a run-through and highlights the month's best shows

Rocket From The Crypt Halloween (51 of 60)
Alex Matthews

January is a big month for San Diego and the Casbah in particular: They are celebrating 25 years of providing our city with the best "live" musical entertainment. Hard to believe what our city was like back in 1989, but trust me -- we didn't have anything like the Casbah! Sure, we have a great history of other great venues over the years, but so many have come and gone, while the Casbah is tried-and-true. Many people are involved with making the Casbah what it is, but it really comes down to the leadership of Tim Mays. A lot of the great local bands that got their start at the club are reuniting to play their 25th Anniversary. And with that being said, the city has proclaimed Jan. 14 as Casbah Day! I know my list below is extremely Casbah-heavy -- but who cares? Happy New Year! 

Jan. 3 at the Casbah - The Paladins, Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys and the Bedbreakers. Legendary local roots rockers the Paladins and Big Sandy have played the Casbah more that any other artist!
Jan. 4 at the Casbah - The Dragons play with the Creepy Creeps, Phantoms and Black Hondo. The Dragons are one of the best rock & roll bands that has ever existed and they reunite for the 25th Anniversary.
Jan. 5 at the Casbah - El Vez Punk Rock Review, Schitzophonics and Diana Death.  El Vez, aka Robert Lopez, was also in legendary punk rock band the Zeros from Chula Vista.
Jan. 6 - Ed Ghost Tucker, Neighbors to the North and Pleasure Fix at the Casbah.  Three top notch local bands that I booked for your musical enjoyment for Anti-Monday League.
Jan. 7 - Three Mile Pilot, Tit Wrench, ANA and Little White Teeth at the Casbah.  Before Pinback and the Black Heart Procession, you had Three Mile Pilot.
Jan. 8 - No Knife, SISU and Modern Rifles at the Casbah.  No Knife is hands down one of the greatest bands this city has ever produced.
Jan. 9 at Maryjane's Underground - Maryjane's Underground, inside the Hard Rock Hotel downtown, hosts We Are Sirens, plus Tiger and the Teller. Free show but RSVP here - sponsored by 610 Vodka.
Jan. 10 - The Rugburns, Truckee Brothers, the Macananys and the Nards at the Casbah. Thee ole C-bah always get the best bands to reunite for special occasions.
Jan. 11 at Soda Bar - The Dickies, the Creepy Creeps, the Bugs and Homeless Sexuals. The Dickies have been punk since before the Casbah opened its doors.
Jan. 12 - Listen to the Local 94/9 on FM94/9 from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. -- just sayin'.
Jan. 13 - Pinback, Death Fix and Octagrape at the Casbah. These days this is an intimate show for one of San Diego's Finest!
Jan. 14 - Pinback, Death Fix and Octagrape at the Casbah: Night two!
Jan. 15 - Switchfoot at the Casbah. Macbeth presents the Fading West Record Release Show, each ticket includes a copy of the record, and download of the film!
Jan. 16 - X and Gary Heffern's Blood On Fire at the Casbah. Punk rock legends help celebrate the Casbah's 25th Anniversary.
Jan. 17 - The Penetrators, the Loons, Sidewalk Scene and the Executives at the Casbah.  The Penetrators were the top local band of the late '70s/early '80s.
Jan. 18 at the Che Cafe - Parquet Courts at the Che Cafe Collective on the campus of UCSD. Brooklyn-based punk rock band that are true punkers. I hear they renounce all social media.
Jan. 19 at Casbah - The Silent Comedy and the Heavy Guilt. TSC is one of the current crop of SD's finest putting down two nights here for its special celebration.
Jan. 20 at Casbah - The Silent Comedy and Family Wagon: Night two!
Jan. 21 - I'm booking something awesome at, you guessed it, the Casbah -- so check back later.
Jan. 22 - Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects, Bartenders Bible and Ilya at the Casbah. Pall Jenkins from Three Mile Pilot and the Black Heart Procession has another band -- say hello to Mr. Tube.
Jan. 23 at Casbah - SoundDiego LIVE with Sprung Monkey and the Gods Of Science! It's a free show, hosted by yours truly, with a sponsored Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Happy Hour, so RSVP here while you still can!
Jan. 24 - Creedle, Fluf and Chune at the Casbah.  '90s era bands reunite for the anniversary party!
Jan. 25 - Smile, Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver and Well Strung to Hang at the Casbah. More reunions; it's like high school.
Jan. 26 at the Casbah -  Go to the 2 p.m. MATINEE show with Gary Heffern and Friends, Black Tango, Robert Turman, Social Spit plus Clips from Eric Rife's Garageland. Then listen to the Local 94/9 on FM94/9 starting at 9 p.m.
Jan. 27 - It's Monday and you know I'm booking something awesome at the Casbah, so check back!
Jan. 28 - At press time, the date is still open at the Casbah and I'm sure it will be something epic, but doubt it will be a second Rocket From the Crypt show.
Jan. 29 - OFF!, Rats Eye, Bumbklaat and Widows at the Casbah: Punk rock supergroup!
Jan. 30 - The Casbah hosts the Burning Of Rome, the Long And Short Of It and Marsupials. When you talk about bands bringing the rock, these three do it in buckets!
Jan. 31 at the Casbah - Rocket From The Crypt: This show SOLD-OUT in less than one minute, folks.
So as you can see -- it's just a little Casbah heavy -- but that's just me. As a tastemaker, I am here to make you aware, but come on people, be your own tastemaker! Go see a local show and buy a CD from them but if I could ask you one thing (just one little thing), it's this: Tell a friend!
We need more music fans in this town, more people that care about it and want to make it better. We have plenty of bands and venues at this point, but I feel like the supporters, aka "scene," are pulled in too many directions. Also, like-minded bands playing shows on the same night at different venues doesn't help either. So, more fans and smarter bands in 2014 -- and we can make it a better scene! Just sayin'.

Tim Pyles, a longtime local who grew up in La Jolla, is the unofficial mayor of local music who hosts The Local 94/9 via FM94/9 every Sunday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. He also books local acts at the Casbah, hosts the weekly Anti-Monday League, books/hosts the monthly Maryjane's Underground at the House Of Blues and is an entertainment writer for Pacific San Diego Magazine. Check out his website and and follow him on Twitter @thelocalpyle. You can reach him directly here

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