Puck Headlines: Sometimes, parents disagree with refs … strongly

Here are your Morning Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• It's been a while since we celebrated the joys of Hockey Moms and Dads who don't understand concepts of "boundaries" and "assault." Check out this instant YouTube classic as a Kitchener hockey parent goes nutso on a linesman (Warning: NSFW language):

• From the London Free Press: "In Saturday's game, officials say a Kitchener player was injured when checked from behind by a London player, which sparked a fight. When the referee went to announce penalties - the London player was thrown out of the game and suspended for three more - the linesman was attacked while leaving the ice." [LFP, H/T Deadspin]

• You know, we were all set to rip apart this notion that the St. Louis Blues could make the playoffs until we saw they were six points out of the eighth seed. As Jeff Gordon (the other one) wrote: "By getting three points on this difficult foray to Detroit and Columbus, the Blues crept closer to the final playoff berth on this side of the league. Yes, there is still a pack of teams standing in their path. But the Blues are finally getting great play in goal, which gives this injury-riddled team so much more confidence." [STLToday.com]

• Very interesting look at the available goalies at the trade deadline (in theory, of course). If you're a good team that needs a backup and Johan Hedberg can be had for a bag of pucks, you make that move, right? [Japers Rink]

• The Montreal Canadiens will be without Guillaume Latendresse for six weeks. This does however open up both cap room and available vowels for the team. [Sportsnet]

• Now that Adam Graves's number has been hoisted to the rafters at MSG, Ken Campbell argues that ... well, that basically every other former New York Rangers player deserves some sort of honor. If this means Per Djoos Night at the Garden, sign us up. [THN]

• A really, really bizarre column from the Guardian (U.K.) that begins as a tribute to the minor league hockey bush leagues and ends with columnist Ian Winwood writing: "To my English mind-set professional sports are a futile pursuit that will always end in disappointment. There is something noble about it all. The fact that so many North Americans do not seem to appreciate this always surprises me." Maybe because we're used to winning things ... like the Siege of Yorktown back in 1781, right Gov'ner?! U-S-A! [Guardian, H/T Puck Daddy reader Wayne]

• Will the departure of Eric Lindros as NHLPA ombudsman end the civil war inside the players' association? [Toronto Star]

• Meanwhile, Jibblescribbits offers the ... ahem ... inside story on Lindros's resignation. [Jibblescribbits]

• When it comes to choosing between Marian Hossa and Johan Franzen, The Chief believes one is making his case better than the other. [A2Y]

• Why We Love the Hockey Blogosphere Today, Vol. 1: Because no one else is writing an in-depth analysis that shows goal-scoring for right wingers is down this season. "The top scoring right winger is ninth in the league (Jarome Iginla) and second is 15th (Marian Hossa).  There are only two right wings in the top 20 scorers in the NHL right now.  That is a surprisingly low number." [Puck Stops Here]

Samuel Pahlsson will miss two weeks with a viral infection. KESSSSEL?!?!? [OC Register]

• Finally, this "documentary" about an obsessive EA Sports gamer was passed along by our pals at Fantasy Hockey Scouts. The skinny:

Al loves nothing more than skating up to the blue line and ripping a BOOM SLAPSHOT. He was the first person ever to achieve Legend status by playing 7 days consecutively without sleep or a decent meal. Al doesn't just play NHL, he lives it. Watch what happens when he gets lag, and a noob slip one past him.

It has its moments, and could have been better; but once his game starts to fall apart, we realized we know about 20 of this guy:

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