Pete & J to Play Elemental Experience

The opposite of anti-social, this rock band of four talented musicians and vocalists aim to be "more uplifting than depressing." They say they often get put in the same category as Spoon and The Shins. One of their main influences is The Beatles and "Pete and J's" sound is self-described as "harmonies with four guys singing".

The group, Pete Harper (vocals, guitar, piano and keys), Jason Blynn (vocals and guitar), Sarab Singh (vocals, drums and percussion) and Whynot (vocals and bass) live in Brooklyn and are excited to make their first trek to San Diego.

"We've played in California before, but never in San Diego," said Harper. And the goal of helping people with this particular concert is a huge bonus.

Pete and J are scheduled to perform at the Elemental Experience in Mission Bay Park on Saturday. The concert runs from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and includes a number of musicians as well as artists creating a live art mural.

"Every chance we get to participate in something like this is great," said Harper. "It's really a great thing when you can actually show your fans the things you care about; it's really great when it happens like this."

Pete and Jason started playing together in college, but Sarab and Jason have played together since they were about 11 years old.

So what's next for these four talented guys? After their stop in San Diego they will log some studio time back in New York and then hit the road again for a tour starting in June. They also have a new record in coming out in the fall, called "Loneliest Generation".

Pete says the title is pretty self explanatory, but the basic premise is that our generation is so involved in technology we become isolated. "Pete and J" are trying to change that, using their music to bring people back together.

"Our music, like many other artists, tries to bring people together and give listeners a real sense of community," said Harper.

Long story short, these guys are definitely worth checking out. Get a taste of some of their songs on their website.

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