Oodles of Noodles

O.B. Noodle House
Robert Esparza

Ocean Beach is growing and I like it!

Along with the world famous burgers from Hodad’s and the recent addition of Pizza Port, is the O.B. Noodle House.

Off the beaten path of Newport Avenue you will find a craft beer and sake haven that currently has 18 taps (soon to be 42) and over 100 types of sake for your consuming pleasure.

Since May of 2008, the “Noodle House” as some call it, also serves up an extensive menu filled with authentic Vietnamese cuisine they call “Asian Infusion.”

We started with the Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings. Even though noodles are the house specialty, this is my favorite menu item so far. The wings were perfectly cooked, not too spicy and are great with beer. For those that are particular about their wings, there are no drumettes. Strictly wings.

For my meal I ordered the #27, a char-grilled chicken breast served over a bed of vermicelli noodles served with vegetables, fresh herbs and as if that wasn’t enough, an egg roll.

For the most part, I am not a noodle type of guy. I like the majority of my plate to be filled with meat, specifically a steak, but I have been learning I am enjoying items that I normally wouldn’t have in the past.

This was the case with the #27. It was outstanding. The noodles were perfectly cooked as was the chicken bringing both textures together in a way I never experienced.

For those that enjoy pairing your dinner with a great beer, it went well with my Chimay draft!

My wife opted for the increasingly popular Phở. Phở, pronounced “fuh,” is a healthy and very popular beef broth, rice noodle soup that is richly flavored, complicated, yet deliciously prepared. It is topped with onion, cilantro and served with fresh basil leaf, bean sprouts, jalapenos and lime on the side so you can fine tune it to your liking.

For the main ingredient, You select from steak, tripe, chicken, brisket, beef meatballs, seafood or tofu as the main ingredient.

So the big question is, how was it?

No complaints here.

She loved it.

The #17 is a rice noodle soup with a chicken breast. Then when she didn’t think it could get any better, Steve Yeng, the man behind the Noodle House advised her to spice it up. It is now safe to say the Phở is now one of her favorite meals!

What about dessert you ask? Not really sure how to explain this one, so here it goes. Sweet rice served in bamboo with a side of dulce leche for dipping. You peel the bamboo back and use a fork to pull out the sweet rice. Next, dip it in the dulce leche and enjoy. It will be then that you understand why I cannot explain what I was experiencing. It’s phenomenal.

There are two things I really liked about the Noodle House, which has placed them on my regular rotation of places to dine.
Number one is the staff.

Steve has put together a team that goes out of their way to make sure you really have a great time. During our visit, Jose was our bartender. Whenever we needed something he was on top of it. Here’s a tip. Sit at the bar whenever possible. Sometimes things just appear in front of you!

Number two is their ingenuity. As they do not have alcohol, they have to experiment with what they do serve, sake. How does an Apple Jolly Rancher Martini sound to you? Yes, it was good! My suggestion? Ask for a Melon Ball. Trust me on this one.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the O.B. Noodle House: Video

O.B. Noodle House
2218 Cable Street
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 450-6868

Happy Hour: ½ off all taps (3 pm – 6 pm)
Daily Special: $1 select draft (11 am – 6 pm)
Menus served: Lunch & Dinner

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