No Thanks Barack, La Jolla Needs Me

Campaign supporter tells of turning down offer to work for the President-elect

La Jolla local, Christine Forester has been called a potential candidate for a position in President-elect Barack Obama’s new administration. However, the local businesswoman has cordially declined any possible offer, according to a published report.

Forester, 65, is a former architect and the widow of artist/architect Russell Forester. She now works in the marketing field, but she put her work on hold for a year to volunteer for Obama’s presidential campaign, Diane Bell reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Forester served as a vice chair of his national finance committee and made her mark as one of his top fundraisers in the nation. According to Bell, she also organized the first formal fundraiser for Obama after he announced his candidacy for president. Aside from fundraising, Bell reported that Forester also serves on 3 of Obama’s leadership committees and 2 of his advisory boards: Urban Policy and Arts and Culture.

After working full-time for Obama, she told Bell that she’s now ready to spend more time at home.  Forester is quoted as saying even an ambassadorial post wouldn't tempt her, unless it was the “Embassy of Jamul.”

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