Nearly Naked Bike Ride

An eye-catching protest yesterday has been billed as San Diego's first "World Naked Bike Ride." Sort of.

About 100-people rode bikes from Hillcrest through downtown, most of them wearing nothing but body paint or their underwear.

Organizers say the ride is a protest against oil dependency and to promote a car-free lifestyle.

“It grabs people's attention and it encourages people to love their bodies and not to see it as something just sexual, but as a tool to get us around," said event coordinator, Sarah Bush.

Organizers were hoping to have an anti-nudity ordinance lifted for the one-day event. Federal Judge Larry Burns made it clear last week that freedom of speech would not suffice as a reason to put the city’s anti-nudity law on hold.

According to an article posted by the, 20-year-old Bush and her attorney intended to file a request for an injunction to allow the nude bike ride to take place.

San Diego Police were on hand to make sure the city's anti-nudity ordinance was properly upheld.

"It's not just a reason to go out and bike naked. It’s an event to raise awareness of all those things,” said cyclist, Ryan Lornce.

Police say there were no arrests or incidents during the bike ride.

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