Let the Voting Begin!


The fate of the Panda’s name is now in your hands.

Voting kicked off Saturday to choose one of these five names for San Diego’s favorite fur ball.

  1. Fú Shèng, which means blissful San Diego
  2. Xiǎo Lóng, which means little dragon
  3. Xióng Wěi, which means extraordinary bear
  4. Yǒng Xiǎng, which means eternally blessed
  5. Yún Zǐ, which means son of cloud

Panda fans can vote for their favorite of the five name choices. But no cheating, each person (or family at the same computer) can only vote once. Voting will end at midnight on Tuesday, November 3. You’ll have to hold out until November 17 for the announcement.

The zoo received 6,331 submissions of name suggestions through their website.


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