Kardashian Couture

Instagram oficial: http://instagram.com/aislinnderbez

WRAPPER'S DELIGHT: The Kardashians have certainly made a name for themselves in contemporary pop culture, for better or worse. If you can't get enough of their sassy antics on and off screen, you can start creating a little drama of your own with their new line from Bebe.

Ranging from fluid silks to shiny spandex, the line has an early 90's appeal with a small collection of pencil skirts, pantsuits, blazers and one very spicy 'Shimmer' dress.

The pieces are worth a look if you're jonesing for something a little different to wear to work, or something very different to prance out on the town.

GET IT: For $119-$159 each. Bebe, 135 Horton Plaza, Downtown, (619) 233-6003.

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