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HOT STEPPER: It's hard enough to find men's shoes that look great, but shoes that also feel great are a whole other battle. Whether you're schlepping soggy leather heels in the rain or sweating bullets in your summer loafers, comfort is almost always sacrificed when it comes to nice looking shoes.

The makers of Geox have sought to change all that with their extensive collection of breathable, waterproof shoes. Ranging in styles from boots to golf shoes to everything in between, they feature breathable leather and rubber soles that also completely resist water penetration. Not only does this help keep feet comfortable and dry, but it also resists excessive foot odor.

Women can also enjoy this vaporizing technology in their line of luxurious leather boots and patent pumps.

GET IT: Around $130 online, depending on the model. Geox, (866) 898-5335.

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