Jury Gives Death Penalty to Crime-Spree Killer

A man convicted of killing two people in in 2004 learned his fate on Monday.

In July 2007, a jury found Tecumseh Colbert, 25, guilty of first-degree murder in the November 2004 killing of investment banker Anthony McCamey outside his Bay Terraces apartment. Two weeks later, Colbert shot to death liquor store clerk Richard Hammes.

On Monday, Colbert was sentenced to death.

"I didn't have but one brother, and you know when he's gone, there's nobody else," Mitchell Lebron McCamey said in court. "No family should have to go through what we went through."
McCamey told the court that his brother's two young sons would sorely miss their father.
"Their father was all they had," Lebron McCamey said.

Addressing the court, Colbert said he thinks about the children every night.

"I don't even pray to God," the defendant said. "I pray to Richard
and Robert [Hammes]."

Colbert apologized to victims' families and to his family as well.

"I know you guys love me," Colbert told his relatives, "and I know this wasn't the way it was supposed to go."
Superior Court Judge Michael Wellington denied a motion to reduce Colbert's sentence to a no-parole life
Prosecutors said Colbert and partner Theron Peters -- who earlier pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison -- began a 22-day crime spree on Oct. 21, 2004 when they went to a moving company and demanded money for jewelry that was supposedly lost during a move, authorities said.

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