Grammy Gift of Your Own

grammy gift victrola tote
Giacini Atelier

TOTES! What is it about free gift bags that are so exciting? From those tiny little samples at the makeup counter to the bags full of stickers you get at conventions, even cheesy gifts look amazing when they are all bundled up in a bag of free stuff.

If you were in attendance at the Grammy Awards this year, you actually had lots of reasons to get excited about the gift bags, though. They were full of cool stuff, not the least of which was this Victrola Tote from local designer Giacini Atelier.

The screen prints on these are charming, for sure, but the real magic is in the practicality. Decked out with interior pockets and reinforced bottoms so they stand upright all on their own, these are perfect as casual handbags or heavy-duty shopping totes. Plus, you know that Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Beyonce all have them, just to name a few.

GET IT: For $65 online. Giacini Atelier.

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