Golf with Dad: Grand Del Mar Packages

Thinking of Dad? Or you? Or both of you, which is best of all?

WHAT TO DO... on the parental holidays? What to do, what to do. It's a common question that adult children ask themselves, especially when they've repeatedly gone the lunch route, or the balloons route, or the greeting card route, or some combination of all three. And, of course, those are nice things -- keep on keepin' on with the whole taking-your-parent-out-for-a-nice-meal plan, because, yeah, they like it -- but tailoring a Mother's Day or Father's Day to the mother or father in question has become more of a priority both for kids and for companies that offer recreation and diversion. Which inspires this question: If your dad likes to drive go-carts or fly kites or play golf, have you ever pursued any of those activities together on the third Sunday in June? There couldn't be a primer time. And if golf is his game, you've got choices. One of the golfiest spots in all the land -- designing icon Tom Fazio oversaw the course creation -- has a couple of packages on, as well as a fun, let-loose Friday night golf glow contest. Yep, we are indeed speaking of...

THE GRAND DEL MAR: It couldn't be more golf-ready if "golf" appeared somewhere in its name. (Though Grand Del Mar works just fine how it is.) The resort currently has a Seasonal Golf Special on, through the end of June -- handy for Father's Day -- which includes an overnight and two rounds of golf at The Grand Golf Club. The swanked-up Grand Golf Getaway package includes a comp room upgrade, if that's your thing, but if you're looking for a little start-the-weekend fun with your pops? The Glow Golf Driving Contests are a Friday night thing for the summer, and their complimentary for resort guests. Whatever your fore-fun goal is with dad -- big golf, some golf, a day out together on the greens -- eye your choices here. 

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