Getting His Wish Granted

A teenager is winning his fight against Hodgkin's and now he has the only "other" thing he wanted.

This holiday, local companies and volunteers will be making wishes come true. That tradition kicked off last night with a concert downtown.

Del Mar resident Jake Magit, 18, just finished his first semester of college at UC Davis after battling Hodgkin's disease.  His wish was to receive a Fender guitar and Make-A-Wish made that happen Tuesday at Horton Plaza. Local band, First Class Fiction, played a few songs and then helped make that wish come true.

Sam Goody presented Jake with a "Goody bag" full of entertainment goodies. Westfield Shoppingtown presented him with a $500 gift card and then a Fender Jaguar Guitar. Magit who is naturally shy, was speechless.

"He's got the disease behind him and the rest of his life ahead of him and we're celebrating that by granting his wish," said Chris Sichel, Executive Director of Make-A-Wish.

The soft-spoken Magit found it difficult to explain what the gift meant to him. "It's nice to know people...," he said after the concert. "It's meaningful."

"We're so appreciative to San Diego so we're able to do things like grant Jake's wish tonight," said Sichel.  If you want to know how you can help, go to the Make-A-Wish website.

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