Four-Paw'd Fun: Pups + Palm Springs

Ready to do the desert with your dog? The Palm Springs CVB has barkable suggestions.

THERE ARE A FEW TRIED-AND-TRUE WAYS... of connecting with other travelers on the road. You can see a stranger wearing a piece of apparel with the hometown team on it, an instant conversation-starter. You can get to talking about the weather where you are, which will inevitably lead to questions of how the weather is where they live. Or you can journey with your numero uno, your bestie, your main bud, which will draw dog devotees to you as fast as it takes to dive into the deep end of a swimming pool. Travelers who've invited their pooches along for the weekend know that this is the fastest way to connect with other travelers, whether those fellow on-the-road-ers are with pup or not. If your dog is back home, with a sitter, then you gravitate to those you see at your hotel. So the right and satisfying and fun thing to do, whether you're with your Fido or not, is to stay at a spot that welcomes Spot, and offers some fine amenities for your furry one, too. Few areas go the dog-nice distance like Palm Springs and the desert resort cities, from those inns welcoming animals to the treats and such they offer. The CVB recently compiled a roster of the places pooch people will want to consider, whether they're traveling with their canine or not. (The "or not" part simply means you're bound to meet/cuddle dogs at these places, should you need some dog time while away from your own sweet one.)

THE SAGUARO HOTEL... is one Lassie-lovin' location on the list. There's no fee for your snuggler to stay with you, and staffers "can arrange plenty of pet amenities like pet sitting, grooming, and even organic, locally met pet food!" Hiking trails nearby are also a possibility, especially if you're tail-wagger likes to stretch a leg (not all pups do, but those that do absolutely need a daily romp). Other sit-stay-sleep places on the CVB picks include La Quinta, Ace Hotel, Riviera Palm Springs, Chateau at Lake La Quinta, and Avalon Palm Springs. As for eateries? They're on the round-up, too (perhaps your pooch can sit close to those famous desert misters, if it is the warmer season). The P.S. does love its pups, as evidenced by the many dog water bowls found outside of shops throughout town, and all of those hotel amenities. Ready to roam with your lovebundle? Plot your poochy plan here.

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