Joey Porter Can Hold a Grudge, No Matter How Ridiculous

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan Wilson

A couple days ago Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter shared his thoughts about the 2007 Patriots, an outfit that has been accused of everything from drowning baby kittens to illegally videotaping opponents.

In recalling the awfulness that was last season, Porter is still upset that, in the waning minutes of a sure-to-be Patriots win, Bill Belichick opted to run the ball three times instead of instructing Tom Brady to take a knee (you know, back when he had a good one).

"They could've kneed the ball. We couldn't win the game," he recalled Monday. "They were up by 21 and they still were running running plays. I'm looking at (Tom) Brady, thinking he's going to take a knee and the game's over. But they continued to run ..."

"I don't forget things like that. I hope our whole defense, our whole team, doesn't forget things like that."

Seems innocuous enough; I mean, New England did run the ball. Belichick has been blamed for just about everything, including running up the score, but good Lord, man, it's professional football.

It's one thing to bellyache about the teams' first meeting last season; Brady threw five first-half touchdowns and the Pats were leading 42-7 at intermission. But to complain because New England ran the ball at the end of the game? That seems like a stretch, even for Mr. Peezy.

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