Disneyland SoCal Resident Tickets Return

Deals are back for local fans of the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Paul Hiffmeyer

MAGIC KINGDOM IN SIGHT: If you grew up within shouting distance of Anaheim -- so, say, 100 miles or less -- you likely can describe what it is like to see the tip of the Matterhorn from the 5 Freeway. It's just an iconic sight, or vision, really, and it tells you you're almost there. And when you're a local -- and we'll call "local" here anyone who is in the larger SoCal region -- then you kind of feel ownership over that particular sight. You see the tip of the Matterhorn from the 5 even when you're not going to Disneyland, but are maybe on the way to grandma's house. It's a nice SoCal shared experience, one that relates well to the Magic Kingdom, but there's another one, too: the discount admission. Sometimes deals for Southern California residents are on, and sometimes they are off. They've been in the latter category for several months, which likely only stoked SoCalers desire that the deals return. 

AND CLEARLY... someone tossed a penny in the Snow White Wishing Well, because the news just arrived: SoCal Disneyland discounts are back. There are a few asterisks, yep yep, including probably the most important of all, at least the most important before you head to Anaheim: zip codes. You'll want to make sure yours is included, because you'll need to provide that proof of residency. Once you're cleared for take-off, then you need to determine if you go with a two-day or a three-day ticket. Also, there's the choice of one park per day or entry at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Choices, but good choices, yes? Check out prices, small print, and all of the good SoCalish stuff you need to know, like when this puppy ends. But you do know that regardless of deals starting and finishing, the sight of the Matterhorn from the 5 is always there, to be enjoyed? It's quintessential California magic, indeed.

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