Details Emerge About La Jolla Rapist

A  manhunt is under way for a rapist who attacked a woman on a La Jolla bike path.

Tuesday's sexual assault took place at about 6:45 a.m., less than two weeks after another sexual assault six miles away at a UCSD housing complex. Investigators said the rapist punched the victim in the face and then sexually assaulted her.

Investigators believe the two La Jolla attacks were committed by two different suspects. Police only have a limited description of the attacker involved in the latest incident, but they do believe he is a light-skinned male who is possibly in his 40s.

La Jolla residents are on edge after the attacks. Sunny Donald said she always thought the two areas were safe places to live, but now she's beginning to think differently. 

"It's frightening to think that type of person is loose right here in our corner of paradise," Donald said. 

Some residents are taking more safety precautions, including La Jolla resident Leslie Wolf. 

"My daughter is in water polo, and it's her habit to walk to school early in the morning, so I'm rethinking that certainly," Wolf said. 

Moira Feighan lives around the corner from the bike trail near Draper Avenue where the attack took place.

"I was actually thinking of taking some self-defense classes with my nieces so we can be better prepared," Feighan said. 

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