Here's Looking at You, Cupcake

Second annual Cupcake Extravaganza being held on the Fourth of July weekend

The 2nd annual Cupcake Extravaganza Weekend kicks off the July Fourth holiday weekend  by offering 28 different exotic flavors.

From crispy bacon caramel to lavender vanilla bean, it's not your average cupcake by any means:  Eclipse Chocolat is turning out the most unimaginable flavors for the popular mini-cakes.

What once was a childhood favorite has taken on a newfound popularity among foodies of all ages. Last year, San Diego chocolatier Will Gustwiller introduced the first Cupcake Extravaganza at Eclipse Chocolat in University Heights.

"Normally we do about 50 [cupcakes] over the weekend, but that weekend we did about 1,500!" Gustwiller said. "The line was out the door."

The 2nd Annual Cupcake Extravaganza begins on Friday. The 28 flavors, including honey saffron and chili hazelnut, will be rotated throughout the three-day weekend.

"What's getting the most attention is our raffle," Gustwiller said .

Four winners will receive a box of  nine cupcakes every week for two months. The prize is worth $200.

Gustwiller  moved to San Diego from Ohio to earn a master's degree in sculpture at San Diego State University. He made desserts as a hobby, and after graduation, he opened a chocolate dessert company instead. His cupcakes are pretty unusual, which shows in the exotic fillings. Also, they are not the usual round shape; the artful chocolatier prefers them square.

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