Cop Allegedly Trashes Million-Dollar Home

Robert and Monique Acosta are wanted by the law

A San Diego police officer and his wife have warrants out for their arrest after they were accused of vandalizing their million-dollar Temecula home.

The warrants for felony vandalism were issued for Robert and Monique Acosta after they allegedly trashed their home because they were facing foreclosure.

Neighbors said the couple told them that their credit union refused to modify their mortgage and gave them until July to move out. Residents said the Acosta's former home was the nicest on the block -- neighbors called it the Castle.

Neighbor, Keith Peet, helped the couple move but said he had to break off the friendship.

"He started damaging the house," Peet said. "Pouring concrete down the drain and just damaging the whole house like it is now."

The couple is also accused of smashing decorative stones and destroying the landscaping. In addition, the Acostas allegedly stole trees, fixtures, air conditioning units and cabinets.

Almost $200,000 worth of damage was done, according to the Riverside District Attorney's office. Officials said that some of the property was recovered.

One real estate agent said she has seen some foreclosed homes booby-trapped and even rigged to explode.

"They figure, 'How am I going to get my investment back?' -- in those cases, this is what they do," said Realtor Maria Polito.

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