Buy This, Do This: Flash Mob

This Sunday at 2:30 p.m. and 3:25 p.m. during Cityfest in Hillcrest, the intersection of Fifth and Robinson will transform into a site for spontaneous, interactive street theater. The plan: a flash mob will come together to dance to “Time Warp” from cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What to wear? Disco shorts, of course, and a pair of danceable, space-inspired platforms available at Fashion Valley.

Jeffrey Campbell’s iconic Lita booties, $159.95 at Nordstrom Fashion Valley. (That’s the only Nordstrom location in S.D. that stocks these.) Thanks to the celestial-inspired print, these shoes are a nod to RHPS’s sci-fi leanings and the platforms will let you join in on the dance party.

Silver Éternité necklace by Lotta Djossou, $138 at DeepFling in Leucadia. Because anything with the word “Eternity” hits an unexpectedly sinister note.

Disco shorts by American Apparel, $52 at American Apparel. These pants have ’70s glam rock written all over them, right down to the hedonistic sheen of the goth-black fabric.

Sequin v-neck pullover by Lucca Couture, $66 at Dolcetti Downtown. The sequins are glam enough for Dr. Frank-N-Furter but the shape is athletic and flash-mob friendly.

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