Burning of Rome Light Up “Last Call With Carson Daly”

Art rockers the Burning of Rome burn bright on a "Last Call With Carson Daly"

Art rockers the Burning of Rome -- alums of an unforgettable SoundDiego LIVE at the Lafayette Hotel -- burned bright on Last Call With Carson Daly.

The band with deep San Diego ties toched on a variety of topics in the piece, including driving local brewers insane when their album was on repeat for weeks, and frontman Adam Traub talked about their live show, during which, as any San Diego music fan knows, BOR always put gas on the fire. As Traub put it: "Anybody coming to the show will have a unique experience --- like, we brought out pregnant mannequins with us on this tour, and at the end of our set, I would always take the arms off the mannequins, run around in the crowd and give everyone high-fives with these mannequin arms. And it's like, once people start seeing that, they kind of let their guard down a little bit and let this music in, and just get weird. Go with it. It's like LSD .... buy the ticket, take the ride."

Click HERE to see the full clip.

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