Big Corn Horse Maze: Just Ahead

It's a falltime must-do for legions of Southern Californians.

THE CORN IS HIGH, or nearly, and the time to get a little lost, all in the name of adventure, is nearly here at one of California's best-known maze-and-more destinations. It's the Big Horse Corn Maze, a staple of the Temecula Valley autumn, and it will expand, with so many twists, and turns, and dead ends, every weekend from Oct. 1 through 30, 2016. But it isn't just about maze-ing around at the Temecula Parkway attraction. You'll want to take note of the...

THEME WEEKENDS, like the rock-and-roll-y weekend that kicks it all off (complete with a car show). There's also a costume contest a pinch before Halloween, for the young-uns and pets, too, and a chance to participate in some old-timey pursuits on Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23. Ever tried a potato sack race? Or bobbing for apples? Or putting your pie-loving skills to the test via a full-on pie-eating contest? There shall be all of that, lovers of autumn-style to-dos of yore.

THE MAZE... is nine bucks to enter, plus a few bucks more if you want to jump into any of the on-site activities. Parking is five dollars, and if you want to go pumpkin shopping while you're there, post-maze, the better to find your ideal Halloween jack o'lantern, carve some time to browse the gourd-filled patch. (Yes, we said "carve" there.)

ALMOST TIME: Can autumn already be here? Well, not quite, but when the corn is growing, the time for maze merriment is definitely on its way.

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