Big Band in the Botanic Garden

Swing and tap a toe to classic '40s-era songs, in Encinitas.

AN ALOE... has never swung to "Sing Sing Sing," nor has a lantana bush danced to "Sentimental Journey" or "Pennsylvania 6-5000." As for the hits of the past that hydrangea flowers prefer? That will forever remain a mystery, one suspects, and asking a yucca or verbena to sing along to "Moonlight Serenade" is not an errand that one needs to attempt. But the plants and shrubs and blossoms and trees dotting the exquisite grounds of the San Diego Botanic Garden? Surely they lend the right setting and atmosphere, a setting that's both beautiful and alluring, to a live music presentation, one that takes the audience back several decades to some of the biggest jazz sounds of the Big Band days. The Encinitas spread, which fills out 37 handsome acres, isn't normally a place to hear concerts, unless that concert involves a breeze blowing through a plant that boasts movement that's especially musical. But shows involving instruments and talented musicians? Rather rarer, unless the date happens to be...

SUNDAY, AUG. 13, and the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame Orchestra is in the house, and by "house" we mean in the lovely outdoor setting of the garden. The band'll take on several jazzy favorites from the likes of Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, and other legends of the style, and audience members will listen in as they enjoy the softening of the afternoon, and coming of evening. That's a slightly more poetical way of saying the Summer Jazz Concert happens from 5 to 7 o'clock, a nice time to be in the garden. Price? It's $25 if you're an adult and not a member, but $15 if you are (kids are a bit less). A cart serving "(l)ight (f)are" and beverages will be nearby, should you need a snack. But needing to see one of the native plants in the garden moving to the brassy sounds? Not going to happen, but they will flutter with any wind, and look lovely, and that, in itself, helps to make this Big Band show a stand-out.

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