B-Side Players Celebrate 25 Years of Being a Big Deal

The B-Side Players headline a 25th anniversary show at the Belly Up on July 13

Whether it's B-side or B team, the "B" group usually plays second best to the "A" group. Not so with longtime San Diego Latin funk collective B-Side Players, who are celebrating 25 years together at the Belly Up on Saturday, July 13. 

Featuring special guests Cumbia Machin, La Diabla and DJ Unite, the B-Side Players will be showing their best side, which includes an exploration of "the multifaceted grooves of Latin America and the Caribbean" and incorporates "the sounds of Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico and Brazil with the funk, rock, jazz and hip-hop rhythms of their homeland, dropping bits of Cumbia, Salsa, gritty street Samba, Son Montuno, Jarocho and Boogaloo into the mix," according to their website.

Together since 1994, the nine-member band has racked up some 10 San Diego Music Awards and a prestigious signing with widely respected jazz label Concord Records. Maybe "B" stands for "big deal," as they continue to prove year in and year out.

The group just played Solana Beach's Fiesta Del Sol as a follow-up to their two-night holiday show at Winston's in December, and we're lucky to have them back home yet again -- this time, right at the height of summer.

The B-Side Players celebrate 25 years with a special anniversary show at the Belly Up on Saturday, July 13, featuring Cumbia Machin, La Diabla and DJ Unite. Get tickets here.

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