Author & Punisher to Unleash ‘Beastland'

Author & Punisher, SD's industrial-metal one-man-band, unleashes a new album in October

The day of reckoning looms: Author & Punisher, the acclaimed industrial/noise/metal act comprised of San Diego musician Tristan Shone, has announced the upcoming release of his sixth full-length album, "Beastland," via Relapse Records on Oct. 5.

On Wednesday, Shone -- who we've tagged in recent years as one of San Diego's Heaviest Bands as well as one of the city's Most Unforgettable Live Acts -- also announced upcoming tour dates. Unfortunately, San Diego didn't make his current itinerary; we can only hope he squeezes in a full West Coast roadtrip sometime soon. In other news though, "Nihil Strength," the first single from "Beastland," was unleashed via video today as well.

For the uninitiated (and as evidenced in the above video), Author & Punisher is a sight to behold and a live aural experience unlike any other: Shone surrounds himself with an array of machines -- literal robotic devices -- that he's built himself and uses to manufacture all the punishing, metallic, sonic brutality he unleashes. Some of the various instruments look like torture tools in a grisly horror film -- all-too-appropriate visuals to accompany the music.

“I built new machines for this album to make more aggressive and dynamic music," Shone said in a Relapse Records press release. "These devices are compact and powerful, made from robotic components, intended for high energy repetition. I, as do many others, feel rage against the Beasts of our era: those who horde, who poison, or who discriminate. We need aggressive music to make an aggressive statement. 'Beastland' is an introspection of who we are as a human race. At a time when we have the tools, the intellect, and the history to remind us how to treat each other and the earth, we go far out of our way to feast on the less fortunate and vulnerable, disregarding the atrocities and lessons of the past."

Look for "Beastland" on Oct. 5 (pre-order it here) and cross your fingers that Author & Punisher plays in town soon.

Author & Punisher Tour Dates

  • Sept. 14: New York, NY at Cold Waves NY @ Irving Plaza
  • Sept. 22: Chicago, IL at Cold Waves VII @ Metro
  • Sept. 27: LA, CA at Cold Waves LA @ 1720 
  • Oct. 12: Rotterdam, NL at RVLT Festival
  • Oct. 13: Helsinki, FI at Blowup Vol. 4
  • Oct. 14: Tallin, EE at Sveta Baar
  • Oct. 15: St. Petersburg, RU LES
  • Oct. 16: Moscow, RU at Model T
  • Oct. 17: Malmo, SE at Plan B
  • Oct. 18: Copenhagen, DK at Pumpehuset
  • Oct. 19: Oslo, NO at Bla
  • Oct. 20: Gothenborg, SE at Sticky Fingers
  • Oct. 24: Lisbon, PT at MusicBox
  • Oct. 25: Porto, PT at Maus Habitos 
  • Nov. 8: Cambridge, MA at Sonia
  • Nov. 9: Montreal, QC at La Sala Rossa
  • Nov. 10: Toronto, ON at Baby G
  • Nov. 11: Detroit, MI at El Club
  • Nov. 12: Oberlin, OH at Dionysus Disco
  • Nov. 13: Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle
  • Nov. 15: Pittsburgh, PA at Spirit Hall
  • Nov. 16: Philadelphia, PA at PhilaMOCA
  • Nov. 17: Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel 

Dustin Lothspeich is a San Diego Music Award-winning musician, associate editor at NBC SoundDiego since 2013, talent buyer at The Merrow, and founder of the music equipment-worshipping blog Gear and Loathing in San Diego. Follow his updates on Twitter or contact him directly.

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