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8 of San Diego's Heaviest Bands

Lots of bands add to the killer metal/punk scene in SD -- here's a taste of our favorites



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    OFF! head up our list of some of San Diego's heaviest bands.

    San Diego is known for many things: great weather, beaches, California burritos, craft beer -- all sorts of rad stuff. But we've also got one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world. With just a quick look at our daily live-show listings, you'll discover three to four shows every night full of truly great local acts. Few cities can boast that. And even though we can brag about our always-pleasant weather, we've also got one of the heftiest metal/punk scenes anywhere. These are eight of our favorites who contribute to that -- but by all means, these aren't the only greats in town. Who would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Author & Punisher: A one-man operation of industrial noise doom, Tristan Shone utterly destroyed Soda Bar one night last year with his self-manufactured levers, masks, gadgets and electronics -- and we can honestly say we've never been the same. Check out his music here.

    • Cattle Decapitation: Heaviest bands in San Diego? Any list without Cattle Decapitation fails. If you're into deathgrind, grindcore -- or anything with "death" or "grind" as descriptors -- these are your guys. Listen in to their 2012 album, "Monolith of Inhumanity," here.

    • Deep Sea Thunder Beast: Sometimes you just need a brutal, chest-rattling lesson in most-excellent stoner metal. OK, all the time. These guys, led by Gloomsday's Justin Cota, do just that. Check 'em out now.

    • Earthless: Few bands bring the heavy pysch/prog riffage like this trio. We're not the only ones who love this band -- they've been crisscrossing the globe since the release of their 2014 San Diego Music Award–winning album, "From the Ages." Buy it here.

    • Eukaryst: We inducted this fearsome quintet into our SoundDiego Record Club back in June, when their debut album, "Dreams in the Witch House," had us drinking their namesake Pizza Port imperial oatmeal stout by the gallon. Buy their record here.

    • Griever: We've heard this Escondido-based band go from full-on metal thrash to slow, mucky sludge doom -- all of which sounds incredible. Word on the street is they've got a debut full-length, "Our Love Is Different," in store for us next month. Fingers crossed. Check 'em out here.

    • OFF!: Few bands are more beloved among San Diego music fans as OFF! Besides having their album "Wasted Youth" on repeat over here since it came out last year, they blew our minds (and earholes) at their November Epicentre show while ruling the world with their Jack Black-led video for "Over Our Heads/Meet Your God." Watch it here.

    • Retox: This is simply the most ferociously vicious punk you'll ever hear emanating from our shores. As for their heaviness? That weight you feel is probably frontman Justin Pearson stomping on your head. Pick up their latest record, "YPLL," here.

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