8 of San Diego's Best New Bands

San Diego churns out great music on the regular -- we highlight some the year's best

If you're like us here at SoundDiego, there are few rushes better than stumbling onto excellent new music -- and, as always, San Diego obliges us with new groups each and every year that are worth your time and ears. While trying to focus on groups that came together in 2016, there were a few that formed "in theory" last year but released their formal debuts recently. Either way, give 'em all a listen and maybe, just maybe, you'll hear something you like. Got suggestions for excellent new bands? Let us know in the comments -- we're always on the hunt.

Body Song: Cuckoo Chaos/Deadphones' brethren Jeremy Scott and Jackson Milgaten have brought their collective talents together yet again for wide-ranging psyche pop that we can't stop listening to. Check out their new track, "Eyes Will Follow," right here.

Bosswitch: Another mashup of veteran San Diego musicians, Bosswitch finds Badabing's Tom Lord and Ryan Schilawski joining forces with Gloomsday/Deep Sea Thunder Beast's Justin Cota -- a trio that unsurprisingly churns out furious, chest-rattling rock with a capital R. Go see 'em with Red Fang, Torche and Whores at the Casbah on Nov. 22.

The Hiroshima Mockingbirds: Rock & roll is alive and well if this group headed by the New Kinetics' (and occasional Schizophonic) Brian Reilly has anything to say about it. Equal parts MC5 and the Kinks, listen to some of the Mockingbirds' tunes on YouTube with the quickness and get a Hulk-size pick-me-up.

Hours: If heavy's your thing, Hours got you covered. The post-rock-flavored metal band that counts Nylon Apartment's Josh Quon and Hexa's Carrie Gillespie Feller as members dropped a two-track debut EP titled "Different Executions" this month that nearly crushed my head wide open. That's a good thing. 

The Lulls: This headtrip-pop trio (featuring my SoundDiego colleague Rutger Rosenborg on vocals/guitar) delivered not only the song of the year in "Bruise" but also dropped a serious heavyweight contender for Best San Diego Album of 2016 with its brand new "Island of Daughters" LP. The band is somehow still unsigned and are just getting back from a two-month national tour -- so go see 'em at Soda Bar for a big homecoming show on Nov. 25 and pick up a copy of the new album on vinyl. Tell 'em SoundDiego sent ya.

Spooky Cigarette: Fans of '80s-esque synth wave, eat your hearts out. There's a reason Music Box tapped these guys to open for Wild Nothing recently -- they're awesomaely woozy with just the right amount of hooks and their "As Loud as I Can" EP is already on my list of the best albums of 2016. Not a bad way to get started.

Elise Trouw: This 17-year-old has been playing music for 10 years already, becoming both an extraordinary drummer and pianist during that time. However, this year found her releasing her debut singles on which she sang and played every instrument (shades of Prince, if you ask me). Find her music on iTunes or Spotify and see her in action at Aztec Brewery on Dec. 9.

Well Well Well: A group comprised of Barbarian bandmates, Well Well Well are a curious mix of dark synth pop and sunny garage rock, i.e. the best of both worlds. See 'em at a secret Sofar Sounds show on Nov. 19 and get their debut album "What Do We Have Here?" on Bandcamp now.

Dustin Lothspeich books The Merrow, plays in Diamond Lakes and runs the music equipment-worshipping blog Gear and Loathing in San Diego. Follow his updates on Twitter or contact him directly.

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