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10 SD Band/Beer Pairings We'd Like to Drink

Few cities have better music and beer scenes than San Diego -- so let's bring 'em together

When it comes to beers and bands, few cities in the world have scenes as rad as San Diego. In fact, it'd be nice to see local musicians pair up with our neighborhood breweries even more than they already have -- and here are some fun suggestions to kick things off. Got your own idea for a band/brewery not listed here? Comment below and chime in.

Cardinal Moon: This Dawn Mitschele-led indie-pop/rock member of Redwoods Music is simply outta site with hauntingly beautiful, mellow melodies. All the more reason that Intergalactic Brewing Company should take ‘em to space and back with a rich and malty American Red, er, Cardinal Ale. [Help their label press some records]

The Fresh Brunettes: Do blondes really have more fun? Who knows. So let’s get crazy with an American Blonde Ale featuring -- hear me out -- coffee beans added just for this delightfully fuzzy punk trio. Best of both worlds, right? The brewery of choice: Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co.

The Great Electric Quest: These North County sultans of stoner metal (who I wrote about in May) should have an equally electrifying beer by, let’s say, Amplified Ale Works -- I'm thinkin' only the heftiest of double IPAs (with maybe some lemon zest added) would suffice for all that volume: Great Electric Zest IPA? Yes, please. [Listen to the band right here]

Hard Fall Hearts: Rockabilly-punk done right requires a crushable brew for those hot August nights -- how about a 5-percent-or-lower ABV session pale ale with a slightly bitter bite (for all those broken hearts, duh) made by the all-too-obvious option, Fall Brewing! [Scope the band's music here]

Juice Box: What funkiness would this fusion-y, experimental-jazz quartet inspire? I'd go with a crisp barrel-aged sour -- and tap the titans of Toolbox Brewing to put it together. [Dig in to the band's music here]

Lead Pony: By all accounts, this blues/rock group (fka Spero) looks like they can throw back a few shots of whiskey with the best of ‘em -- so what’s more appropriate than a hefty chili/chocolate bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout (you know, ‘cause the band’s a mix of sweet and spice) made by the brew lords at Kearny Mesa’s Societe Brewing Co. [Check out the band]

Los Shadows: One of SoundDiego's favorite local purveyors of catchy garage-rock, these boys are a bit loud, a little rowdy and a lot of fun. Reckless Brewing Co. would do well to collaborate with ‘em on a bold, espresso-and-cinnamon-infused Milk Stout. Yum. [Listen to Los Shadows here]

Mrs. Henry: The jammiest jammers in all the land deserve an equally jammy brew -- I nominate a black currant tart saison to be made by Little Miss Brewing. Like the band's music, it'd be particularly far out. [Find their music here]

Splavender: A psych/jazz/rock group that largely eschews standard pop structures for increasingly odd arrangements would pair up nicely with Abnormal Beer Company for an American Wild Ale with, get this, notes of lavender. Mind blown. [Listen to the band latest EP]

Trip Advisor: Mystery Cave’s John Christopher Harris II is at it again with a new dreamy electro project (props on the moniker, brother -- there will definitely not be a cease-and-desist letter coming your way at any point). Take a journey to the stratosphere with a hazy IPA (featuring Galaxy hops, of course) preferably made by none other than Quantum Brewing Co. [Check out the new Trip Advisor EP]

Dustin Lothspeich books The Merrow, plays in Diamond Lakes, and runs the music equipment-worshipping blog Gear and Loathing in San Diego. Follow his updates on Twitter or contact him directly.

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