A Musical Reunion at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

Sinatra and Elvis, together again? Two performers pay tribute, in Palm Springs.

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OL' BLUE EYES AND THE KING: We're forever lamenting the rise and fall and fall of the duet. Yep, they do come back around once and awhile, but one of our worries is we'll never see their heyday again. We'll put the duet's glory years somewhere in the late '60s to early '70s, when variety shows and Vegas club acts reigned. And it was a cinch to get to major marquee names together to join in on a few Christmas carols or a cover of the hit song of the year. With that in mind, we're always tickled to see a callback to the duet-lovin' days of yore, especially when two impersonators step up to the stage to play the icons we all know. This kind of thing happens a bit in Sin City, but less outside of its borders. Palm Springs, however, will welcome one such meet-up on Saturday, Dec. 1 when Frank Sinatra -- as portrayed by Vaughn Suponatime -- and Elvis Presley -- as realized by Ted Torres -- shake hands at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway and croon a few tunes for the holidays. Date's Saturday, Dec. 1.

MATINEE AND EVENING: There are two shows -- please, this is Sinatra and The King here we're talking about, so, yes, tickets are going -- and a few delightful extras outside of the concert. Larry Geller, who is described as a confidant and hairstylist to Mr. Presley, will be in the house, as will some other special guests, so count on the memories and anecdotes flowing. There is a house tour included with your show ticket, which is also great; the casa is a local landmark, for sure. Oh, and it'll be decorated for the holidays, so the whole concert is sure to have a swanky, seasonal air a la 1966 or so. Promise us you'll wear your "Mad Men"-esque best if you go? With some yuletide corsage pinned to a lapel? It isn't every day that the Chairman of the Board and the King get together on a few duets.

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