110 Years of the Mission Inn

A package celebrates the historic hotel's centennial + a decade.

CENTURY + DECADE: There are many fine and impressive and lofty terms that mark a bigger anniversary. "Centennial" is pretty common, as is "bicentennial," and even "quasquicentennial" gets some play now and then. (That's a 125 years, but then you knew that.) But what of an anniversary that a century plus a decade? That seems worthy of celebration, given the fact that a place or thing has pushed onwards and upwards even past its century mark. Would it be a "decacentennial"? Hmm, not so much. "Centurydecade"? That sounds a bit like the name of a highbrow rock album. Perhaps just saying that something is marking its 110th birthday is enough. That's what the Mission Inn in Riverside is doing, but the castle-like spot isn't just holding a back-of-the-house event for staffers. Guests will be a part of the celebration, courtesy of three anniversary packages set to run through the end of 2013.

PACKAGE ONE: The emphasis is on glamour -- it's in the name, actually -- with the "110 Years of Glamour" stay-over deal (actually, "110 Years" is a theme throughoutt). A box of cupcakes and a Hollywood Oxygen Glow spa treatment are part of the all-inclusive $319 price, in addition to an overnight's stay and a few other hotel-y goodies.

PACKAGE TWO: A couple's kind of dinner at Duane's Prime Steaks & Seafood is at the forefront of the "110 Years of Romance," as is a half dozen Casey's Cupcakes. (Perhaps it is just us, but a cupcake enjoyed while sitting in a hotel bathtub pretty much defines whimsical decadence.) A spa massage for two is also part of the $479 price.

AND PACKAGE THREE: Few properties in our state look as historic as the Mission Inn, and this third deal explores that. "110 Years of History" is replete with cocktails, a docent-led tour, and an overnight in the Alhambra Suite, where the Reagans honeymooned. The price? $559.

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