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New $20 California Lottery Scratchers Offer $5M Jackpot



    New $20 California Lottery Scratchers Offer $5M Jackpot
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    The game that pays a lot also costs 20x that of a regular scratcher.

    The California Lottery is launching the state’s first $20 scratcher game offering $5 million in more than a dozen instant jackpot prizes.

    The game, “$5 Million Jackpot,” will pay out the grand prize in one lump sum, lottery officials said Thursday.

    The game has 10x, 20x and Fast Spot prizes as well. If you uncover a “Jackpot” logo, you’ll win all 25 prizes on the ticket.

    California noticed other state lotteries selling $20 scratchers and decided to roll out its own game.

    The new scratcher game offers the best overall scratchers odds (1 in 2.89) of winning money and prizes, according to lottery officials.

    However only 14 of the $5 million prizes will be awarded. Your chance of winning the grand prize are 1 in 2.4 million.

    Non-winning tickets can also be entered into the California Lottery replay for a second chance to win.