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Boy George Denied Chance To Appear On Reality TV

"Culture Club" singer axed from tv show



    Boy George Denied Chance To Appear On Reality TV
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    Boy George and the cops are practically on a first name basis, but in 2007, George outdid even himself. In 2007, the '80s popstar allegedly chained a male escort to his bed following a naked photo shoot, later beating him with a metal chain as he tried to escape. George was convicted in December 2008 and served four months out of his 15 month sentence.

    A British court has blocked an attempt by former Culture Club singer Boy George to appear on a reality television show.

    The 48-year-old had hoped to appear on Channel 4's "Celebrity Big Brother" despite being on probation for assaulting a male escort.

    Newspaper reports say George would stand to earn tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) for appearing on the show, which begins Jan. 3.

    Probation officers argue that allowing George to appear on the show would undermine the reputation of London's probation service and public confidence in the judicial system.

    George appealed the service's ban, saying probation was not meant to punish him.

    High Court judge David Bean dismissed George's appeal Wednesday.

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