Mia Farrow Addresses ‘Vicious Rumors' About Deaths of Adopted Children

Mia Farrow released a statement on Wednesday, March 31, setting the record straight about the deaths of three of her adopted children, Tam, Lark and Thaddeus

In this April 21, 2015, file photo, Mia Farrow attends the TIME 100 Gala, celebrating the 100 most influential people in the world, at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, Time Warner Center in New York. Farrow spoke about the deaths of three of her children after "vicious rumors" came out about their deaths on March 31, 2021.
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Mia Farrow is speaking out about the deaths of three of her 14 children in an attempt to dispel the "vicious rumors" surrounding their demise.

In a statement released Wednesday, the 76-year-old actress spoke about Tam Farrow, Lark Previn and Thaddeus Farrow, each of whom were adopted.

"Few families are perfrct (sic), and any parent who has suffered the loss of a child knows that pain is ceaseless," she wrote. "However, some vicious rumors based on untruths have appeared online concerning the lives of three of my children. To honor their memory, their children and every family that has dealt with the death of a child, I am making this post.

"My beloved daughter Tam passed away at seventeen from an accidental prescription overdose related to the agonizing migraines she suffered, and her heart ailment."

She then addressed Lark's death in 2008, explaining that her 35-year-old daughter died "from complications of HIV/AIDS, which she contracted from a previous partner.

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"Despite her illness she lived a fruitful and loving life with her children and longtime partner," Farrow wrote. "She succumbed to her illness & died suddenly in the hospital on Christmas, in her partner's arms."

She said Lark is remembered as an "extraordinary woman, a wonderful daughter, sister, partner and mother to her own children."

Farrow went on to explain that Thaddeus, who died in 2016 of a gunshot wound to the stomach at the age of 29, was a "courageous son" and had been "happily living" with his fiancé.

"When the relationship abruptly ended, he took his own life," Farrow said.

"These are unspeakable tragedies," The "Great Gatsby" actress added. "Any other speculation about their deaths is to dishonor their lives and the lives of their children and loved ones."

Farrow said that despite her 11 surviving children and 16 grandchildren's "sorrow," their "lives today are full of love and joy."

Speculation about the nature of Tam, Lark and Thaddeus' death arose when Farrow's estranged son, Moses Farrow, claimed in a 2018 blog that Tam had died of a drug overdose and Lark's death was compounded by her struggles with addiction.

At the time, multiple members of the Farrow family denied Moses' claims, including an allegation that their mother was abusive to her children.

Dylan Farrow asserted on Twitter, "As I said when he last made these claims, this is an attempt to deflect from a credible allegation made by an adult woman, by trying to impugn my mother who has only ever been supportive of me and my siblings.

"It's easily disproven, contradicts years of his own statements, is beyond hurtful to me personally, and is part of a larger effort to discredit and distract from my assault. My brother is a troubled person. I'm so sorry he's doing this."

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