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"Tonight Show": Seth MacFarlane Shows Off His Voice-Acting Skills in Wheel of Celebrity Impressions



    Watch: Wheel of Impressions With Seth MacFarlane

    Jimmy Fallon and Seth MacFarlane take turns doing random celebrity impersonations like Liam Neeson talking about Time Warner Cable. (Published Tuesday, June 23, 2015)

    Seth MacFarlane voices four main characters on the animated series “Family Guy” as well as various other recurring and one-time personalities, so it was no surprise that the show's creator effortlessly nailed his impressions of Hollywood stars.

    The "Ted 2" director stopped by the “Tonight Show” Tuesday and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about his Frank Sinatra obsession and smoking marijuanna with his parents before showing off his impressive voice-acting skills in Wheel of Celebrity Impressions.

    The recurring game features an impression generator that churns out random celebrity names and a scenario that they each player must voice.

    MacFarlane went first, doing an awe-inspiring Liam Neeson selling Time Warner Cable better than Liam Neeson does Liam Neeson.

    “I have a very particular set of channels,” MacFarlane begins in a raspy Irish accent. “If you like to purchase these channels, I will come to your house and install your cable. If you do, that will be the end of it. If you don’t, I will look for you.”

    The impression generator gave Fallon ‘Jerry Seinfeld,’ a favorite of the “Tonight Show” host, and ‘Uber.’

    “What’s the deal with Uber?” Fallon shrieked. “You get into somebody’s car who offers to come in minutes. We are doing everything we were told not to do as children.”

    MacFarlane proved he’s the man of a thousand voices by executing a superb — and very difficult — Bobcat Goldthwait impersonation. Goldthwait is most notable for his high-pitched, jittery growl in the role of Zed, the loose-cannon cop in the “Police Academy” franchise.

    The duo also did impressions of Pee-wee Herman talking about his feelings on mirrors and Ray Romano going to the movies.

    “Let me work up enough phlegm,” MacFarlane joked before channeling Romano.