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Scoop: Has Kate Taken Up With Her Bodyguard?

Also in the Scoop: Jennifer Hudson's baby and Bradley Cooper's love interest



    Scoop: Has Kate Taken Up With Her Bodyguard?
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    Kate Gosselin was spotted "looking like a couple" with the family bodyguard.

    The pendulum of public opinion has been swaying toward Kate Gosselin since she and husband Jon split, but look for it to start swinging back if reports that the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" mom has taken up with her bodyguard gain steam.

    “He ate eggs; she ate fruit. And according to restaurant staffers at New York City’s Jumeirah Essex House hotel, on Aug. 12, the pair looked like a couple,” Us Weekly writes of the recent sighting of Kate Gosselin and Steve K. Neild, a family bodyguard.

    The magazine goes on to say the two were booked in separate rooms, but Neild picked up the bills.

    “They sign under ‘Michaels,’ a staffer told the magazine. Neither Kate Gosselin or Neild are copping to anything but a business relationship, and Jon Gosselin isn’t really showing his hand.

    When asked about the possible coupling, he told the magazine, “At least someone’s asking.”

    Inexplicably, Jon’s newest wingman, actress Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, has to chime in as a relationship expert.

    “You hire bodyguards for the security of your families, and they end up hanging out and hooking up,” Lohan told Us. “It happens a lot.”

    Jennifer Hudson’s new baby a gift from late mother
    Jennifer Hudson has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since the Oct. 24, 2008, murders of her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. Since then, Hudson and her fiance, David Ortunga, quietly gave birth to their first child, David Daniel Ortunga, Jr.

    Hudson has yet to speak publicly about her baby, but a source tells Life & Style magazine that David Jr. was a welcome surprise.

    Hudson, 27, who became engaged to David Otunga a month before the murders, didn’t plan on having a child so soon.

    “She wasn’t trying to get pregnant,” an insider close to Hudson told the magazine. “She believes her mother played a part in sending this gift from God. She tells everyone her mother sent this baby to pull her through this.”

    Keeping tabs: Cooper’s revolving door of love
    It’s a total mixed bag again this week on newsstands. Each magazine has a different cover subject, and the one that stands to sell best is most likely Us Weekly, with the “Why He Chose Renee” cover about Bradley Cooper’s latest love interest.

    It isn’t that Us has a particularly fantastic cover layout (again, Janice Min, you are missed) nor is it a bombshell interview that reveals something groundbreaking. It's just that this topic is something people are talking about (total strangers are asking me “Why did Brad dump Jen?”).

    That said, People’s cover — Alyssa Milano’s wedding album — is intriguing. Personally, I’m the opposite of interested in this, but I could be underestimating the number of grown men out there who had crushes on Milano when she was on "Who's the Boss?" Still, I don’t see this being a sales gangbuster.


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