The Rolando Street Fair

By the Community, For the Community

One of San Diego’s only neighborhood street fairs takes place Sunday, March 20th

10am – 6pm | Rolando Blvd. between El Cajon Blvd. and Solita Ave. | Free Entry  -- $5 Unlimited Fun Kid Zone

For over 20 years the community of Rolando has welcomed thousands to their neighborhood streets for a day of good food, good people and good fun. 

The Rolando Street Fair is one of San Diego’s only neighborhood street fairs, taking place on residential streets under vintage acorn lampposts and silk oak trees that were planted over 75 years ago.   Organized by a team of dedicated volunteers this event represents what can be accomplished when neighbors come together to celebrate community.  After a two-year layoff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rolando Community Council is proud to welcome back an estimated 10,000 residents to celebrate all that we love about San Diego. 

For more information about the Rolando Street Fair, including performance times, transportation information and frequently asked questions, visit: https://rolandocc.org/rolando-street-fair/ 

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