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    Pedi Petals
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    Foot Petals

    IT'S ALL ABOUT SOLE: Heels look beautiful in part because they look like sculptured, streamlined, prance-y versions of women's feet. At the end of the day, though, all that prancing and sculpting can make your tootsies feel anything but fabulous. Especially since fancy footwear tends to be lacking in cushion and support.

    To help you go the distance in your heels, take a look at the collection of comfort-promoting pads by Foot Petals. They have padded inserts to keep your toes from scrunching at the end of your shoe, to keep your straps from digging into your ankle and to keep your heel from slipping out of your shoe. They even have arches and full insoles suitable for the strappiest of sandals.

    Try out their items individually or get the whole setup in the Stiletto Survival Kit, which includes a drawstring bag for stashing your flip flops for later.

    GET IT: Starting at $4.95 for individual pieces or $49.95 for the set. Foot Petals.