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Ride Into the Sunsets



    Ride Into the Sunsets
    T. Loper

    If bad energy from L.A. is killing you, make your way down to the Soda Bar tonight, where the garage pop band Sonny and the Sunsets are dishing out their sugar-coated old school surf ditties.

    The San Francisco band released their first album, Tomorrow Is Alright, in 2009, to great reviews. The band signed with Fat Possum Records soon after, which re-released their debut for mass consumption in 2010. Sonny and the Sunsets then cemented their lineup, delivering Hit After Hit. They seem “to be making more music and having more fun than anyone else,” according to Pitchfork.

    Sonny and the Sunsets have taken doo-wop, glam, '90s punk and blended it together to the point that you can’t quite put your finger on where they drew their inspiration from. This concoction makes the band almost timeless, too contemporary to be retro but vintage enough to stand out apart from other pop bands. A subtle dash of instrumental here, a paired harmony there -- the Sunsets make simple songs far more complex than expected from a band whose songs usually clock in under three minutes. The tracks could easily serve as the soundtrack to a summer afternoon, so why not hear it on a summer night at the Soda Bar?

    The show starts at 9 p.m.; support is being provided by Wounded Lion, Plateaus and DJ Mario Orduno. Tickets are still available for $10

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