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Mr. Scarface Is Back



    Legendary Houston rapper Scarface will be performing at 4th & B on Saturday night.

    Scarface first came to prominence as part of the Geto Boys, whose 1991 hit, the paranoid, psychological "Mind Playing Tricks on Me," will forever live in iPods as long as we celebrate Halloween (for better or worse). The clear star of the group, Scarface, soon embarked on a successful solo career. He went on to release classic albums like Mr. Scarface Is Back and The Diary. He even helped jump-start the careers of some of the best acts in Southern hip-hop, including Ludacris and Devin the Dude. His music is full of psychological drama, spine-chilling bleakness, dark humor and brutal honesty wrapped in a shell of gangster rap. He probably, really, is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (I think Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac all owe some of their style to him, actually).

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    Scarface has been quiet lately and with good reason: In 2010, he went to prison for failing to pay child support. He was just released in August and is apparently working on new music.

    You should definitely catch him at 4th & B on Saturday. Uncle Scarface is a lot of things: rapper, producer, gangster, guitarist and wise old man, for example, but "tour rat" he is not. He doesn't come around to the West Coast, let alone San Diego, very much. Compound that with his constant threats of retirement, and this becomes a can't-miss opportunity to catch a certified legend in the flesh. Details below:

    4th & B
    345 B St.
    Tickets are $25 (buy here)
    Doors open at 8 p.m.; show starts at 9 p.m.

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