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Listen Up at the Library



    When's the last time you went to your local library? If you're like me, you're avoiding overdue fees from college yet romanticize about spending lazy afternoons between stacks of old hardcover books. Well, here's a perfect excuse to indulge your literary daydreams and enjoy a free show. The San Diego County Library has been throwing a series of free acoustic showcases featuring local and touring artists in the hopes of redefining the library as a place for more than just books. Organizers hope to inform, educate, inspire and entertain the community by putting on the shows.. They also hope to bring affordable, quality alternative entertainment to family and friends --- and free is about as affordable as it gets! 

    Performances are scheduled at various locations around San Diego with such artists as Jeffrey Joe Morin, Miss Erika Davies, Cahill and Delene, Barbara Nesbitt and others. You can view the full calendar here. Thiscoming Sunday you can enjoy a performance at the Fallbrook Library by Morin, who has been described as a modern day Huck Finn. The one-man-band artist has said that the first thing he wants when performing is to "get across .., the poetry, the last thing is me, and in between is rhythm and harmony." 


    To catch a glimpse of what you might expect at an acoustic showcase, check out this video of Gregory Page performing "That's You" at the Encinitas Library. 


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