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Local Radio Honors Chelsea King's Memory



    Earlier this week, I flipped on FM94/9 to hear midday personality Hilary playing one of my favorite Sigur Ros tracks, "Hoppipolla." In a departure from regular programming, the dedicated playlist continued to soar in diverse and beautiful musical directions. At the conclusion of the amazing set, it was compelling to learn with whom I shared such similar taste in music. Locked to my car stereo, I learned, it was Chelsea King. Profoundly moved, I contacted Hilary for more information.

    "Sharon Massey of the San Diego Broadcasters Association sent a memo to all San Diego radio stations with the idea to do a moment of silence in honor of Chelsea today [March 4) at noon, which we were immediately on board with," Hilary said. "Then she got a list of some of Chelsea's favorite songs from her friends at Poway High School, and when we saw the list, we knew we had to play more than one song -- her taste in music was not only excellent, but right up FM94/9's alley. Personally, it was my honor to get to play these songs as a way to pay tribute to her memory -- it felt like the very least we could do."

    After further investigation, I learned that dozens of local radio stations responded to the memo and honored Chelsea's memory in their own special way as well. Well done, San Diego radio.

    Here's the list of songs I heard on FM/949 :