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Reid It and Weep



    Don Carlos (Ervin Spencer) and Junior Reid were former frontmen for the reggae group Black Uhuru, which won the first Grammy award for Best Reggae Album, in 1985.

    Carlos, now 59, was the original lead singer, but he left the group in 1981. Junior Reid joined Black Uhuru in 1986, replacing Mykal Rose as the lead singer and subsequently leaving the group himself for a solo career two years later. On June 4, reggae fans will be treated to the sweet, melodic voices of both Carlos and Reid at 4th & B.

    Carlos has become a household name to San Diego reggae fans, even dubbing our city as his “second home.”  The satin-smooth-voiced, long-haired dread delivers messages of love, healing and strife through his music, but his delivery is mellowing, complete with a sense of purpose.Just Passing a Glance has become one Carlos’ most acclaimed albums, adored by fans, featuring the classic title track “Heartbreaker” as well as “Knock Knock.”  Carlos has also churned out other hits, including “Nice Time Tonight (Late Night Blues),” “Hog and Goat” and "I’m Not Getting Crazy.” 

    The UK was the breeding ground for Junior Reid’s solo career, with the hit “Boom-Shacka-Lack" coming out in 1985.  “Higgler Move” and “Sufferation” were also popular tracks that gained the singer wider notoriety in the UK. Reid’s international hit “I’m Free” helped relinquish him from the arduous comparisons of sounding vocally like Mykal Rose and hurled him into the reggae spotlight. It was the 1989 smash dancehall anthem “One Blood,” though, on which Reid exposed his versatility, capturing the hearts and ears around the world with its message of unity and establishing Reid as a successful reggae artist. He has has also collaborated with some of the hottest hip-hop and rhythm & blues artists, working with Alicia Keys on "No One," for example, and Lil Wayne on "Rappapompom."

    One night, one stage: Two of the most prolific and prophetic roots-reggae artists will surely rock the 4th & B on June 4.  Advanced tickets are $30 and can be purchased here.