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Colourful Night at Soda Bar



    Colour Revolt have been through the evolution, and disintegration, of a band -- and back again.

    Their 2008 debut, Plunder, Beg and Curse, was a devastating and gorgeous collection of songs that explored the depths of human depravity, the glory veiling hypocrisy, all tied up in biblical imagery. The aggressive whaling of Jesse Coppenbarger managed to make suffering into something beautiful. It's the kind of stuff possibly best shared as wive's tales on the porches of their Mississippi homes. 

    Whether it was the intensity of the songs themselves, the spooky quality that would soon foreshadow self-destruction or internal conflicts, is unknown, but following the album's release, the band was dropped by its label, Fat Possum, and three of the five members left the band. The remaining musicians -- the frontman Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick -- were reincarnated with their latest record, The Cradle. What emerges from the wreckage isnot something polished; instead, a greater cynicism has elevated their sound into something more aggressive, more candid and closer to themselves than it has ever been. 

    Nothing is more evident of this than "8 years" a track that pulsates rhythmically to Coppenbarger singing, "'Cause one man's limo is another man's hearse," both a lamention and a reminiscence of years of touring. 

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    After a stint this summer with Taking Back Sunday, the band is now headlining shows with support from Colourmusic and Empires. With steadier footing, Colour Revolt continues wrestling with the big questions: faith, spirituality, society -- but there is no question that they're better than ever. Catch them at Soda Bar on Sept. 25. 

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