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Dan Hicks Going 'Crazy'



    I used to think that San Francisco songwriter Dan Hicks had dabbled in every genre possible, including folk, pop, jazz, country, swing and gypsy. But now he's defied expectations again and released a Christmas album. Hicks' latest effort is called Crazy for Christmas, and he'll stop by the Belly Up on Dec. 15 to celebrate its release.

    For Hicks fans, the prospect of a Christmas album shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Hicks has never been one to ignore a good whim, and the release continues in the unpredictable vein for which Hicks is known. For example, upon reaching a high point of critical acclaim in the 1970s -- appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone -- Hicks chose to break up his band. At the time, many wondered how such a great musician could have such bad timing, but everyone soon realized that he was just doing what he does best -- his own thing.

    Despite some career ups-and-downs since then, Hicks has always put out great music. In 2000, he enlisted some friends -- including Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Brian Setzer and Bette Midler -- to record a comeback album, and he's been on a roll ever since.

    While while his show at the Belly Up is unlikely to have any such star power -- beyond the presence of the legendary Mr. Hicks -- it'll undoubtedly be a fun time. Get your tickets here.

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    T. Loper is a writer and photographer for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.