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Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, June 22



    Court to Hear Minimum Wage Arguments: It's a debate renewed as we've yet to reach a budget deal just eight days before the new fiscal year. [Sacramento Bee]
    Say It, Then Say It Again: That's the way it works during election season. California Watch looks at the candidates' catchphrases. [California Watch]

    Two-Tier Plan for Pension: Current workers would keep the plans they were promised, new workers would see reductions. [Inland Valley Daily Bulletin]

    Sign for Solar Power:
    A Fremont company withdraws its initial public offering. What's that mean for the solar industry? [The Oakland Tribune]

    Whitman Strikes Back: She launched a new website called "Truth for Nurses." [Capitol Alert]

    Moving Services to Counties
    : Under a plan presented by Senate Dems, some prisoners would move to county jails. [Business Week]