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SDSU to Build New Practice Facility for Basketball Program

The new practice facility will be located east of the football practice fields



    An artist's idea of what the new facility will look like.

    San Diego State University announced Tuesday it will build a 23,500 square-foot practice gym for the men's and women's basketball teams.

    The teams currently practice in Peterson Gym or in the Viejas Arena when space allows.

    The addition of two full-length courts, eight baskets along with locker rooms, film rooms and athletic trainng room is a welcome addition to the program.

    “This is something that I know is important to our basketball program,” said SDSU Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Fisher. “But we will all benefit from it.”

    He said the new space will help when it comes to recruiting good talent.

    “If you look around, this is what everybody has now, or will soon has. A facility that committed players can use to develop their game and have access when there is no access anywhere on campus,” he said.

    The initial cost estimate was listed at $14.5 million. University officials said most of the money needed to build the new facility has been pledged. There will be ongoing fundraising to cover the cost.