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4 hours ago

Indiana Gov: We Intend to Fix "Perception" Problem of Law

4 hours ago

Lufthansa: Co-Pilot Told Flight School of Depressive Episode

2 hours ago

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Into Wednesday

2 hours ago

Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Feticide

20 minutes ago

Defense Rests in Tsarnaev Trial

3 hours ago

Prom Day Killing Suspect Faces Another Psychiatric Review

2 hours ago

Sign Asks Joggers to "Stop Pooping" Along Trail

10 minutes ago

Man Posed as Officer to Cut Into Fast Food Line: Police

Monday, Mar 30, 2015 at 4:14 PM

Our core values are built around notions of diversity and inclusion. And anything that might create an environment within which we can't maximize those values is something that we take very, very seriously.  

— NCAA President Mark Emmert on Indiana's new "religious freedom" law, which has attracted criticism over fears it could be used to justify anti-gay discrimination
25 minutes ago

Woman Stabs Boyfriend for "Eating All of the Salsa": Cops

3 hours ago
By Daniel Sircar, Justin Ray

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17 minutes ago

3D Print Technology Providing "Robohand" to 7-Year-Old Girl

42 minutes ago

School Shooter's Father Charged With Buying Gun

45 minutes ago

Purported Calif. Kidnappers Want Apology From Police: Report

53 minutes ago

Man Carved His Name on Girlfriend's Chest With Razor Blade: DA

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