Man Dies After Fight in Lincoln Park

Victim had no visible signs of injuries that would indicate force was used against him, official said

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    A man died after a fight at a Lincoln Park apartment complex on Wednesday morning, according to police.

    Officers responded to two 911 calls at around 11 a.m. in a parking lot on 303 S 47th St. and found a man being held down by two other men.

    The victim became unresponsive and officers began CPR on him. Medics also arrived and transported the victim to the hospital.

    The victim died around noon in the hospital. He had no visible signs of injuries that would indicate that force was used against him, said Lt. Jorge Duran with the San Diego Police Department.

    A medical condition may have contributed to the victim's death, but an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday to determine that, Duran said.

    According to investigators, one of the men involved in the fight called 911 during the course of the altercation. The man who called 911 also tried to restrain the victim. He and the other man involved in the fight were taken into custody and are being interviewed by homicide investigators.

    All three men involved are residents of the apartment, officers said.

    The homicide unit responded to the scene and are investigating.