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Snack Attack: OC Boys Nearly Poisoned By Pot-Laced Cookies

Three boys chose the wrong cookies to have as an after-school snack.



    Three boys in Orange County were nearly poisoned by an after-school treat, according to police.

    "The boys came home from school Wednesday afternoon and saw three cookies on the counter," said Lt. Russell Reinhart of the Huntington Beach Police Department.

    4 Kids Sickened by Pot-Laced Cookies

    [LA] 4 Kids Sickened by Pot-Laced Cookies
    Four children were taken to a hospital when they mistakenly ate marijuana-laced cookies. Three friends got sick tonight after eating cookies given to one of their parents by a neighbor. They were unaware the cookies had marijuana inside. (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    What the boys, ages 11, 10 and 9, didn't know was that the cookies were laced with marijuana.

    "The cookies were given to the 11-year-old's father as an early holiday gift from a neighbor," said Reinhart. "The boy's father did not know that the cookies contained marijuana."

    Reinhart said the boys, who are not related, each ate a cookie and then left to go play at a nearby park. Shortly after arriving at the park, they all began feeling sick to their stomachs.

    Reinhart adds that all three boys went home and started vomiting.

    "The parents figured out something wasn't right when they all ran into each other in the emergency room at Huntington Beach Hospital," said Reinhart

    All three children have been released from the hospital.

    The neighbor who baked the pot cookies, 40-year-old Jason Davis, called the Huntington Beach Police Department after he had heard what happened to the boys.

    "Davis was aware the cookies contained marijuana when he gave them to his neighbor," said Reinhart. "No charges have been filed, but the investigation is still on-going."

    Reinhart also said that Davis does not have a medical marijuana card.